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who want ipad 2 ? مين يبغى آيباد 2 ؟

The Prices (with tax):
Wi-Fi – Black or White:
16GB – 2500SR
32GB – 2900SR
64GB – 3250SR

Wi-Fi & 3G – Black or White:
16GB – 3000SR
32GB – 3450SR
64GB – 3850SR

Additionally cost for shipping from FedEx (with a Tracking Number) and will cost an EXTRA 340 Riyals over the price.

The shipping price is the same to any place.
The warranty from apple, The box will be closed brand new.

It will arrive in 2-3 Weeks.

Money is transferred though Western Union.

To Order send E-mail with the word ( I-PAD ) to :

Or Just Comment on this post

Available in Black & White

The Smart Cover Available in 10 Colors

Fabric: Pink, Orange, Green, Turquoise, Grey
Leather: White, Beige, Black, Blue, Red

Each fabric Cover is $55

Each Leather Cover is $80

For More information about I-PAD 2 :


#HootSuite – Almost as good as a cat asking for a cheezberger or playing a keyboard. Almost.

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